#ImagineTrumpsAmerica Envisions Terrifying Reality Under The Donald

A Twitter hashtag is making the rounds across social media that calls on people to imagine what a Trump presidency and its policies would mean for America.

With just a handful of days left in the 2016 presidential election, the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency is looming over the heads of many Americans like a dark cloud.

The fear has spread across social media giving birth to the hashtag #ImagineTrumpsAmerica on Twitter.

Peter Daou, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, said he started the hashtag, “because I fear for the country I love.”

Within hours Twitter users all over started adding their own version of what “Trump’s America” might look like.

The New York Times’ Charles Blow called Trump an “Existential Threat” in an op-ed piece.

“I simply cannot wrap my head around how others with level heads and sound minds can even consider Trump for president of this country and leader of the free world,” he wrote.

The liberal columnist has been a vocal critic of Trump, especially since he won the Republican nomination. 

But it wasn’t just liberals who took advantage of the trending hashtag.

Trump supporters also added their own ideas of what a Trump presidency would mean for America.

The contradictory nature of how people interpret the hashtag is indicative of how polarized the country has become.

The American public is divided over economic policy, social policy, foreign policy, race, privacy and national security, and several other issues. 

The choice for voters this year is between two vastly different candidates whose visions for America are diametrically opposed to one another’s.

Recently, a video produced by Emily’s List in partnership with BuzzFeed, imagined what a day in the life of Trump’s America would like look.

Using Trump’s own words, the video gives voters a visual representation of what it would look like if average people acted upon his rhetoric on a daily basis.

The fear of a Trump presidency is palpable in many areas of the country, especially in minority and immigrant communities, who Trump has offended or attacked on several occasions.

With the polls getting closer every day, supporters of both candidates are exceedingly nervous about who will eventually triumph.

One thing is for sure, we’ll all know just four days from now.

Banner Photo: Reuters Photo Illustration

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