Teen Learns Not To Fall Asleep On School Bus The Hard Way

The teenager who fell asleep on a school bus woke up only to realize he was in a parking lot and had missed his destination.



Sleeping at work has already proven to be a poor idea, after employees at an office trolled an intern who fell asleep at his desk. Using their brilliant sense of humor, the man’s co-workers Photoshopped an image of him sleeping into numerous hilarious scenarios.

However, a recent incident has proved that even getting a few seconds of sleep on a school bus isn’t the best idea either.

A teenage Texas boy posted a video on his Twitter account titled: “Don't sleep on your bus,” which has now been re-tweeted 16,000 times.

Isaac Maciel Rodriguez posted the text “Nobody f*****g woke me up on my bus” over the video

Speaking to BuzzFeed, the teen revealed his friend Monica often wakes him when his drop-off point arrives, but this time around, she did not do so. As a result, the boy missed his destination of San Antonio's John Jay High School and finally woke up to find himself in the parking lot.

“He went back to the bus to take me to school. I thanked him for taking me back,” he said of the bus driver.

“I told my friend about it — she didn't even know I was still on the bus. She felt very bad,” he added about his friend Monica.

However, the 17-year-old seems to have learned his lesson as he said, “I don’t sleep anymore.” He also advised others to not sleep on the bus or set an alarm.

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