Volkswagen Lands On Top Of Fiat 500 In Unusual Parking Mishap

On Sunday afternoon in Glasgow, Scotland, a parked Volkswagen accidentally rolled down a hill and landed on top of a Fiat in a bizarre display of physics.


Finding parking in a busy neighborhood can be daunting, but for one driver in Glasgow, his car found its own parking spot—on top of another car.

In the Hillhead district of Glasgow’s West End around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, a parked Volkswagen apparently rolled down a hill, over a wall, and landed directly on top of a Fiat 500. The Fiat was parallel-parked next to the sidewalk.

No one was in either of the vehicles at the time of the accident, or on the sidewalk, so there were no injuries as a result of the slipup. A spokesperson for the Glasgow police department said, “Neither vehicle was occupied at the time and there were no injuries.”

Surprisingly, the Volkswagen did not land vertically on the sidewalk after rolling backwards, but instead, its rear bumper moved far enough backwards mid-air that it slid down precisely atop of the Fiat’s roof. Police were called to the scene, who eventually blocked it off from curious passersby, and a recovery vehicle arrived around 6 p.m., according to the BBC.

Many social media users tweeted jokes about the awkward situation, mostly commenting on how parking is so difficult to find in Glasgow these days.

The amusing accident serves as a reminder to always use the parking brake when parking on a hill or at an angle. 



Banner photo credit: Twitter, @STVNews

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