The Health Minister of Tanzania Plans To Publish Names Of Gay People

"As a country, unfortunately, we do not pride ourselves being 'homophilic'. We see things from different angles. Respect each other's views," he tweeted.

In the East African nation of Tanzania, gay sex is prohibited. Now, the deputy health minister may publish a list of homosexuals in the country, which can result in 30-year jail time, the BBC reports.

Homophobic health minister Hamisi Kigwangalla, 42, is taking to Twitter to issue the threats and firmly protect Tanzanian laws against homosexuality. 

According to the BBC, Kigwangalla believes there was no homosexuality in his central Tanzanian hometown, and that it only comes about in an urban setting. 

Kigwangalla is receiving no shortage of backlash for his egregious stance. 

Last week, the Tanzanian health ministry suspended 40 HIV/AIDs clinics, citing the non-government organizations as encouraging homosexual activity, which is, to say the least, detrimental. 

Aside from "biological" arguments, Kigwangalla has no real basis for the discriminatory law. He simply reiterates, over and over again, that it IS law and should be abided by. 

Sounds like he's taking a cue from the current American administration — somehow blind to overt discrimination

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