The Hilarious Moment Trump’s Stage Collapsed After His Speech

After Donald Trump made a brief speech in the nation’s capital city on Friday morning, the stage on which he had been standing literally fell apart.

At the end of Friday morning’s Donald Trump event, a rather embarrassing moment occurred on live television. The speech is being touted as a chance for the real estate tycoon to plug his new Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. Needless to say, the ground appeared to be a little shaky.

Watching Trump’s stage collapse to the ground is a hilarious sight to behold, especially considering how ripe with symbolism the incident was. Does the falling stage foreshadow what he will do to America if he becomes the next president? Or, perhaps, the stage itself was so fed up with Trump’s nonsense that it just couldn’t support itself anymore, and gave in.

Either way, the video is pretty amusing as MSNBC reporter Katy Tur reacted to the unfurling stage. She said, “And the stage is falling apart behind us. Whoa!” She then resumed her commentary of Trump’s brief speech, in which the big takeaway was that he finally admitted to believing that Obama was born in the United States

No one was injured during the mishap.

Banner photo credit: Reuters

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