Obama Says The Darndest Things To Trump In Latest 'Bad Lip Reading'

"I'm important," Trump says while shaking hands at the start of his inauguration. "You want to be me, don't you?" Not too far-fetched, honestly.

Donald Trump may only be a few days into his presidency, but we're already at max levels of stress.

From his egotistical speech in front of a memorial at CIA headquarters to restricting reproductive rights and signing off on the Dakota Access pipeline, Donald Trump's managed to rouse up a lot of anger. 

At least we have another "Bad Lip Reading" to pull us through the rest of the week, though. This one takes place at the inauguration, and we could almost actually imagine the dialogue took place in real life.

In a land governed by Trump, who knows? Anything could happen, really.

"Oh, surprise, I have some pretzels for you," Melania Trump says as she hands Michelle Obama the gift that launched a thousand memes. "Melania, do you know what you just said?" Barack Obama asks, before standing with Trump to pose for the cameras.

"Well, you're cheery," Trump says with a clap. "Me? I'm always like this," Obama retorts. "Oh, yeah, sure," Trump says. 

"You're bad company," Obama says, which is probably literally true.  The two smile for the press.

"You suck," Obama says through his teeth, before patting Trump's back. "Now's your chance. Call it off."

There's still time (and good reason) for Trump to resign even Keith Olbermann says so.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, Andres Castellano 

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