Chipotle Employee Goes Viral For His Impressive Honesty

A Florida Chipotle cashier made a family very happy by returning a check for a large sum to them after they dropped it during a visit to the restaurant.

An extremely honest Chipotle cashier is receiving praise on social media for returning a huge check to its owner.

Cristiane Reis posted on Facebook that her husband dropped a check for $2,000 made out to “cash” at a Delray Beach, Florida Chipotle.

Rools Conseillant, who works as a cashier at the restaurant, found the check and went to the address printed on it to return it to Reis’s family.

"He could easily have cashed it, but he chose to knock on the door of a stranger to return the check. Chipotle, be proud of Rools, he rocks," Reis said in her post which has been shared more than 200 times and received nearly 100 reactions.

Commenters have applauded Conseillant for the noble act.

“Oh my goodness what a sweet story, there ARE Angels still out there, will go to Chipotle to praise him for his Good Samaritan spirit,” Betsy Munroe-Torlet wrote underneath the post.

While it may seem over the top to praise someone for doing exactly what they should have done, it’s necessary because so many other people in his shoes would have done the opposite.

This serves as a beautiful reminder that all hope is not lost for humanity, despite the efforts of people like Donald Trump who seem to be working diligently to destroy it. 

Banner Photo Credit: Flickr user Mike Mozart

Thumbnail Photo Credit: Facebook, Cristiane Reis 

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