The Internet Is Melting Down Over This Photo of Shiny Legs

A seemingly innocuous Instagram post from an unsuspecting user is tricking the eye and setting social media aflame. This is the world in which we live.

If “the dress” illusion wasn’t enough of a mind-boggler a year or so back, you’re in for a treat. Get it while it’s still fresh.

When Instagram user leonardhoespams (also known as Hunter) posted a picture of her legs, she probably had no clue it would go viral — and for one insane reason.



Hunter’s legs are shiny, right? It looks as though she bathed in a tub of coconut oil or rubbed a bottle of Aquaphor on her thighs or possibly wrapped them in Saran. All of the above would be kind of odd, but maybe her legs were just incredibly dry, calling for drastic measures. We are approaching winter, after all.

Look a little closer. That glossy sheen is, in fact, just streaks of white paint, as revealed in the original post from five weeks ago. (The photo went viral after it was uploaded to Twitter, Mashable reports.)

This may require ten seconds, sixty, or a full five minutes to process. Take your time. Wring your hands, stomp your feet, take a jog around the block, scream into your pillow. Once again, your brain has pulled the rug out from under you, and Twitter’s right there with you.

On the plus side, there’s no debating the paint once you finally see it, unlike the dress debacle, which remained a point of contention for far too long. We can all go about our merry way — perhaps a bit more stressed than before, but intact nonetheless.

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