Teacher Assigns SAT Prep Homework Any Student Would Love

One middle school headmaster encouraged his students to do what they enjoy over the weekend instead of stressing out about upcoming standardized testing.

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One teacher is receiving praise on the internet for a homework assignment he gave his students the weekend before they were set to take the SATs.

Standardized testing can be very stressful and grueling as it requires intense studying and preparation. John Newport, headmaster at Marden Bridge Middle School, decided to alleviate some of his students' anxiety by sending home a letter encouraging them to do activities that feed their souls in addition to their brains.

The assignment instructed students to “see friends,” “rest,” and “eat Haribo or ice cream,” among other activities. The students were challenged to fulfill as many items on the list as possible and check them off to keep track.

Eliza Lawson, a parent of one of Newport’s students, posted a photo of the letter to Facebook and commended the school.

“Let’s all share this and show Marden Bridge and Mr. Newport how much we value teachers that see our children as growing people, not numbers on a page!" Lawson wrote in her caption.

Since Friday, Lawson’s post has garnered more than 1,300 likes, nearly 150 comments, and 1,200 shares.

The best part of the letter may have been the ending when Newport included a reminder that as headmaster, it’s his job to worry but students don’t need to, and then he wrote how amazing all of his students are and how proud he is of them.

If this guy doesn’t deserve some kind of “educator of the year” award, we don’t know who does. 

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