The New Yorker Knocks Bizarre Trump-Putin Connection On Latest Cover

The magazine breathed new life into an old cover, with a few key changes: For this edition, President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin model their relationship.

If there ever was a time to demonstrate your politics via art, it's now, during President Donald Trump's administration. 

The New Yorker has wasted no time with this, Mashable reports, depicting everything from the Women's March to Trump's immigration ban and prior campaign

With all of Trump's many antics, it sometimes feels like we're witnessing a circus straight out of an American Horror Story-themed nightmare, complete with a back-flipping administration. It's no wonder, then, the leader of the free world is fodder for thought-provoking art. 

That said, the New Yorker is back at it again, and they've really nailed it this time. The cover focuses on the disconcerting relationship between Trump and the Kremlin.

As Mashable notes, the drawing is an homage to the New Yorker's very first cover from 1925, in which mascot Eustace Tilley studied a butterfly. 

It's a stirring re-creation of the oddball goings-on between the two worldly leaders, to say the least.  

Twitter is equally intrigued. 

Another issue not to miss, indeed.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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