The Shocking Moment A Dolphin Nearly Crushes 13-Year-Old Surfer

A young Australian surfer got the shock of a lifetime when a dolphin jumped out of the ocean and landed on his surfboard as he was riding some waves.



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Wildlife is unpredictable and uncontrollable, which is a lesson that one young surfer learned in a very frightening way.

Junior surfing champion Jed Gradisen, 13, was riding waves off the west coast of Australia when a huge dolphin leaped out of the water and onto his board.

“The dolphin landed on my sort of shoulder and my back half of my body,” the teen recounted.

The epic moment was captured on camera by Gradisen’s father, according to Mashable.

“The dolphin jumped straight on him and put his nose through the board,” Gradisen’s father, Andrew, said. “The dolphin’s nose was caught in the board and it had to shake its head to get free. It was pretty wild.”

Gradisen emerged from the collision unscathed, and has no plans on staying out of the water despite the scary ordeal.

"I think it was just an accident that the dolphin jumped on me," Gradisen told local reporters. "It was just as amazed as I was."

Watch Gradisen describe the unforgettable experience in the video below:

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