‘The Toy Smuggler Of Aleppo’ Brings Joy To Children One Toy At A Time

Known as the “toy smuggler of Aleppo,” Rami Adham regularly sneaks into Syria to give toys to the children of his hometown now that he lives in Finland.

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Five years of civil war has plagued Syria. The epicenter of the conflict is located in the ancient city of Aleppo, where nearly two million people are without running water according to recent reports. 

Rami Adham, an everyday hero with six children of his own, has taken it upon himself to bring toys to deprived children living in Aleppo — which is his hometown — and its surrounding areas. He said the local children endearingly call him “Uncle Toy.”

As a Finnish resident, the present-day suffering of his home country resonates with Adham, 44, personally. He does what he can to help, despite having moved out of Syria in 1989.

Adham told the Telegraph, “Right now, Syrian kids are just facing death, insecurity and constant threats. Toys are important.”

Adham transports nearly 177 pounds of toys from Finland in a large green sack to distribute to kids when he visits Aleppo. With each gift, he brings smiles to the faces of children who have no choice but to endure such hardship.

Over the last five years, Adham has made 28 different visits to the country, entering through the Turkish border with the help of friends who are professional smugglers. Syria’s borders have been officially sealed for the last two years, he says.

Adham told the Independent, “Since I can’t stop this work, I had no other way of going home but through special routes. Toys were all I had on me in addition to the money I managed to collect and raise from Finland to help buy necessary food, medicine, etc… inside Syria.”

After recently spending 12 days in the country, Adham has announced that he helped start a high school at a refugee camp in the area.

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