'Saddest Dog In The World' Has Finally Found A Home

"She is sweet and silly, that is hard-wired into her character," the dog shelter wrote on Facebook of lab mix Lana. "She is timid, wary of strangers only at first."

The world's saddest dog has found a home — for the third (and hopefully last) time. 

Lana, a 3-year-old yellow lab mix, was first placed in the hands of Rescue Dogs Match when she was just a puppy, ClickOnDetroit reports. At 5 months old, she was adopted, but returned in October 2015. 

In January 2016, she was once again adopted, only to be given back to Rescue Dogs Match a few months later. 

Now, she's going to a home that will, with any luck, be permanent. 

The rescue organization later wrote on Facebook that they had narrowed down Lana's forever home to three, and ClickOnDetroit writes that staff was inundated with applications.

The pooch gained viral notoriety after she was titled "saddest dog in the world" for turning down walks and refusing to move at the shelter. 

Facebook users are certainly passionate about Lana, with many offering to adopt her in the comments section. 

It sounds like Rescue Match has finally found a family that will treat her lovingly. 

Congratulations, Lana — you've certainly earned this one.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr user Günter Hentschel

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