Nation Divided: Internet Can't Agree On The Color Of These Flip-Flops

Sit down and have yourself a nice mixed drink: It's The Dress, 2.0. Are these mysterious flip-flops blue and black or white and gold? You decide.

Yes, it's happening all over again. Lucky you.

It's near impossible to forget the The Dress, which literally SHOOK the internet, and the color phenomenon isn't decreasing in popularity any time soon. Take, for example, this new viral photo. The picture is now dubbed The Flip-Flops, and it's a whole new brain teaser to keep you occupied. Seriously, The Flip-Flops are an instant cure for boredom. 

Are they gold and white, or blue and black? 

Twitter is currently hosting a contentious debate, with users openly insulting those who see different colors. 

People are going literally crazy over these shoes.

The Flip-Flops are destroying lives and friendships, which will likely never recover from the aftermath. It's a sad day. 

Looks like one savvy Twitter user may have found the product online, putting the ultimate mystery to rest. The Flip-Flops are, in fact, blue and black.

No matter how stark these divides may be, we can all agree on one thing: The internet needs a nap.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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