These Japanese Pop Stars Wore Nazi Costumes For Halloween

Japanese idol group Kayakizawa46 posed for pictures in Nazi uniforms, to much dismay. The photos are currently making the rounds on the internet.

One group of pop stars from Japan decided to dress up as Nazis for Halloween, the Daily Dot reports. Why, exactly, they thought this was a good idea is beyond social understanding.

Kayakizawa46 is a new-ish girl idol group, and it looks like they’re tarnishing their own image in the early stages.

It’s not known, however, if the women simply didn’t realize the affiliation of their costumes with the anti-Semitic, murderous regime, or if they were aware, and chose to wear the garb anyway. It’s difficult to fathom the latter.

Appropriately, confusion and disappointment is circulating on Twitter:

Asian pop stars dressing up as Nazis is not a new fad, unfortunately, as Kotaku points out. A boy band made a Nazi-themed music video, and another girl band wore Nazi-like outfits for a performance. And in 2008, one idol group said Hitler was “a great person” on TV, even drawing pictures of him and calling him “Uncle Hitler.” Utterly cringeworthy.

The Nazis slaughtered up to 20 million people. It’s probably best, then, not to glorify them . . . on ANY day of the year. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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