Police Officers Responded To A Call, Ended Up Joining The Fun Instead

Two Asheville, NC, police officers responded to a street disturbance call on the 4th of July. Instead of making arrests, they ended up joining the party.

Not even police officers can resist a good waterslide. 

On Monday, two police officers responded to a call about a street disturbance in an Asheville, North Carolina, neighborhood. Officers Joe Jones and Carrie Lee discovered only a law-abiding block party — and ended up joining in on the fun.

"Everybody just kind of stared at us when we first pulled up," Lee said, according to WYFF4. "I said, 'I'm not here to come break up your fun.'"

Someone had called the police, saying that the waterslide was blocking the road. But the officers stated that the slide was close enough to the side of the road to not be in any cars' way, WLOS reported.

Both officers slid down the makeshift slide that the families had built. Lee even put a plastic bag over her uniform.

"It was her idea," Jones said, saying he thought he was too big to fit in a trash bag. But he ended up going down the slide in a big raft. 

Apparently, he set the record as the only slider to have gone all the way down the slide, ABC News reported.

"Having our local police officers be so down to earth and fun was a great experience for our community," one of the block party's attendees said, according to WYFF4. "Especially for the kids."

Every July 4th, the neighborhood hosts a block party for the 20 or so local children, but this one is sure to go down in the books.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Unsplash, Luke Porter

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