These People Dancing In Pantsuits Are Ready For Hillary

A group of Hillary Clinton supporters choreographed and organized a feel-good flashmob in honor of the Democratic presidential candidate’s signature style.

While Donald Trump’s new Washington, D.C. hotel was erecting slabs of plywood to cover up graffiti on Sunday, an awesome flashmob was taking place in New York City’s Union Square in honor of Hillary Clinton’s trademark style.

A group of dancers all dressed in pantsuits pumped out a choreographed routine to Justin Timberlake’s latest hit “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

The action was fun and uplifting in nature, but was also used to send a political message.

"Now is the time to stand up against this bully [Trump]. Action here is a stand against racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, injustice and so much more. It's a stand for PEACE, LOVE and EQUALITY," co-choreographer Crishon Jerome wrote on Facebook.

More than 200 participants came out in an array of pantsuits to perform the five-minute routine in front of a crowd of unsuspecting passersby, according to Elle.

Jerome made sure to express in his post that the event was open to all ages, races, and genders, and even noted that those interested didn’t need professional dance experience.

The all-inclusive activity goes against the divisive rhetoric Trump has founded his campaign upon. The action was sparked, in part, by Trump’s confrontational debate performance last week.

“It's the bigotry and vitriol, [of Donald Trump's campaign that we are responding to],” said flashmob organizer Mia Lidofsky. “So we were like, let's come together with what we know, which is love, unity, and community," she added.

The organizers also wanted to show that Clinton has fervid supporters backing her, who are just as enthusiastic as Trump’s “basket of deplorables.”

"We just haven't seen the same kind of rallies around her," said fellow organizer Celia Rowlson-Hall after the performance. "And as filmmakers and artists, [Mia and I] felt that we needed to help Hillary out the way that we know how," she continued.

"We've been upset to see all the hatred against her, and the focus on her pneumonia, and [the portrayal of] her as a weaker individual when she's so strong, so smart, so eloquent," added Lidofsky.

While the organizers didn’t specifically address this, their #PantsuitPosse also served to undermine Trump’s previous statements about Clinton not having a “presidential look.”

Trump has repeatedly suggested that Clinton’s physical appearance somehow disqualifies her as an ideal presidential candidate. However, these dancers in pantsuits promote the opposite perspective.

Banner Photo Credit: Instagram airmia22

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