These Photos Sum Up The Stark Difference Between Trump And Obama

Does a picture really say 1,000 words? Maybe, but it can also show what an egoist Donald Trump is. Check out these two tweeted images of Obama and Trump.

Some people would argue that the elected president is the victor of a popularity contest. If that’s the case, appearances are tantamount and can say a lot about a person before they even open their mouth to speak.

These side-by-side photos of President Barack Obama and presidential wannabe Donald Trump have been trending over the past few days since being posted by a Scotsman on Twitter.

They were posted with the simple caption, “Every picture tells a story.” A closer look at the photos reveals larger truths about both men and the way they treat women, among other differences.  

While The Independent detailed the history of the photographs, the two depictions of First Lady Michelle Obama and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi in the images tell a much more indicative tale of which man respects women more.

The difference is easily discernable.

FLOTUS is shown being sheltered from the rain by a guard holding an umbrella over her head. The President, an avid feminist, walks in front of her, exposed to the weather’s elements, and appears to be squinting as the rain gets in his eyes.

By contrast, Trump, a known womanizer, is holding a large umbrella over his own head and it isn’t even raining. Bondi, who walks next to him, is left unprotected from the umbrella and her exaggerated smile appears to be an attempt to make up for Trump ignoring her. Sad!

Trump has previously talked about how necessary it is for candidates to have that quintessential “presidential look.” In particular, he thought that Hillary Clinton didn’t have it. But, does he? This photo comparison of him and Obama would suggest otherwise. 

Banner photo credit: Reuters

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