There Are 7 People In The World Who Look Exactly Like You

And you've never met them before. These two girls are not twins. This is the first time they’ve ever met. What gives?

The “Twin Strangers” project began as a bet between three friends: Harry, Niamh, and Terence. Each would search the world--- through the power of social media--- to find their precise look-alike. The one with the closest match would win.

It’s not surprising that Niamh took the prize.

The resemblance between Niamh and Karen isn’t simply uncanny….it’s unnerving! Niamh thinks Karen looks more like her than some of her own sisters do.

That first video received 7 million views, which is apt because the Twin Strangers crew believes that every person has 7 doppelgangers, scattered across the globe.

Needless to say, Niamh wasn’t satisfied with finding just one.

Her hunt continued, and just two months later she found doppelganger #2….all the way over in Genoa, Italy.

This time, the resemblance between Niamh and Luisa isn't just physical--- it's in their gestures, their behavior. 

Niamh's quest for her final five long-lost would-be sisters continues. We hope that once she’s collected them all, they’ll start a multilingual pop band. Eat your heart out, Eurovision.

In the meantime, Twin Strangers is sharing the wealth with the World Wide Web. If you’re interested in finding your doppelganger, you can register at

We can think of so many reasons to do so:

  1. Get your twin stranger to take the SATs for you
  2. Team up to prank your hapless mom.
  3. Carry out your dreams of being the lead in some spinoff of the Olsen twin movies.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

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