Thief Had No Idea There Was A Baby In The Back Seat Of Stolen Car

A Florida thief did not realize there was a baby inside the vehicle he had just stolen, so he decided to drop the infant off before carrying on.

A car thief in Florida had to improvise after he noticed that a baby was in the back seat of the car he had just stolen.

According to WPTV, Palm Beach, Florida, authorities are looking for the suspect who stole a Kia Rio from a gas station. As the driver walked up the gas station’s store, a thief stepped inside the vehicle, which had been left running.

According to the surveillance footage captured at the time of the incident, the car owner later stepped outside looking confused. As soon as he noticed that the car was gone, he ran back inside to get help.

But as the thief drove away, he noticed that there was an infant in a car seat in the back. Presumably desperate to avoid a kidnapping charge, he then pulled into another gas station where he left the child with the clerk.

Thankfully, the 5-month-old was not harmed.

After agreeing to take the child, the gas station clerk alerted the police.

Online, the entire ordeal went viral with people on Twitter sharing the footage and the story in shock. Some pointed out the disturbing fact that the infant was left unattended inside a running vehicle in the first place.

At least the thief had enough of a conscience to bring the infant to safety rather than dumping the child on the side of the road or just keeping the baby along for the joyride. Perhaps there is some truth to the old proverb, "there is honor among thieves."  

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