Unlucky Thief Gets Trapped In Shop's Door, Gets Rescued By Police

This is a study in how not to be a burglar 101.

A thief's attempt to break into a shop in Putian, China, soon turned into a rescue mission after his foot became trapped in the very door he tried to break through.

The video shows the man trying to get into the shop, but as soon as he attempts to pass through the door, it slowly closes and traps his foot. The unidentified man tries to set his foot free but all attempts are in vain.

After trying multiple times, the man lies back on the floor in hope someone will come to rescue him. Hours later, the police showed up.

Video of the trapped man went viral with more than 100,000 times. People on social media piled on the insults.

“Most unluckiest thief ever. He deserved that,” wrote one commenter.

Another one wrote, “Stupid people should not be thief.”

This isn’t the first time a hilarious gaffe committed by a thief was caught on camera.

Recently, a rather confused thief wanted to break into a warehouse, so, with some difficulty, he pushed himself through a window only to discover he was still out of the main building.

As it turned out, the wall was just a periphery in front of the actual warehouse, so the burglar could have easily walked through.

In another incident, a man snatched a woman’s purse at a traffic junction while it was raining. The woman chased the thief but fell on the wet floor. This was the perfect chance for the man to get away from the woman, but instead he ran straight into a police station.

Banner/Thumbnail: Reuters, Yuya Shino

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