Kit Kat Replaces Student’s Stolen Candy Bar With A Lifetime Supply

A Kansas State University student who went viral after sharing the bizarre story of how his Kit Kat was stolen from his car has been gifted with 6,500 more.


UPDATE: Hunter Jobbins has had one wild week. He became an overnight internet sensation after sharing a note left behind from a thief who stole a Kit Kat candy bar out of his car.

Now, Kit Kat has replaced his stolen candy and threw in several thousand more. The company gave Hobbins 6,500 Kit Kats, which nearly filled his Toyota Camry, according to TIME.

“When we heard about what happened to Hunter, we felt his pain,” explained Kit Kat senior associate brand manager Shilpa Gadhok. “That being said, we also deeply appreciate the ‘Kit-Napper’s’ sincerity in owning up to his craving—we can empathize… sometimes you just need a break.” 

While no one would blame Jobbins if he kept his newly acquired Kit Kat stash to himself, he generously shared the candy with his campus community.

“Any students who want Kit Kats can come by and take some,” he reportedly said. “We want to share the wealth, if you know what I mean.”  

Perhaps the anonymous thief who sparked all of this chaos will swing by and grab a few cases so he never has to steal another Kit Kat again. 

A Kansas State University student was recently robbed, kind of.

Hunter Jobbins left his car doors unlocked and happened to have a Kit Kat candy bar sitting in the cup holder. While he was away, a very observant and hungry thief spotted the treat, discovered the door was unlocked, and took it. 

Jobbins returned to find a handwritten note, believed to be from the anonymous culprit, explaining their motive behind the “crime” and assuring the car owner that they took nothing more than the candy.

“Saw Kit Kat in your cup holder. I love Kit Kats so I checked your door and it was unlocked. Did not take anything other than the Kit-Kat. I am sorry and hungry.”

While most would be appalled at the thought of someone having the gall to take something that doesn’t belong to them and actually leave a note, Jobbins has been a good sport about the ordeal.

“When I came across it at first, I was kinda upset and wondering what happened to my Kit Kat, then I realized how funny it was that it happened so my frustration turned into laughter,” Jobbins reportedly said.

Jobbins shared a photo of the letter on Twitter and it began making its rounds throughout social media. Word of the incident eventually made its way to the official Kit Kat Twitter account, which offered to replace Jobbins’ stolen chocolate-dipped wafer.

Several social media users responded to Jobbins’ experience, with many refusing to believe the incident ever took place. Some are convinced this was a silly hoax staged by Jobbins for 15 minutes of viral fame.

Others, however, scolded Jobbins for leaving his car unlocked and applauded the culprit for their honesty, despite being a thief.

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @TheWoodyShow

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