Thieves’ Attempt To Steal iPhone 7 Shipment Fails Miserably

Two men were arrested in India after stealing a truck filled with over 950 iPhones, which were, unfortunately, not even the ones they wanted.

People will do anything to get their hands on the latest iPhone 7. Many have been camping out for months and weeks to get a chance at buying the new phone.

For some, “anything” even means robbing an iPhone delivery truck.

Earlier this week in the Vasant Kunj area of Delhi, police arrested two men for robbing a truck filled with more than 950 iPhones.

Two robbers, with the help of two other men, attacked the driver of the truck with chili powder. The driver, Kalam Singh, claimed that he was driving when someone threw a packet of red powder into his truck. He assumed it was just some children’s prank, but then his eyes started to burn.

Singh stopped to wash his hands when two men approached him with knives and forced him to enter the truck. Two other men appeared and Singh was forced to drive the robbers and the phones to Rangpur Pahadi, where the thieves unloaded the cargo into another van.

Afterwards, they shoved Singh out of the car and left.

Once the police heard about the incident, they investigated CCTV footage from the surrounding area of the crime scene and identified the two robbers as former employees of the iPhone supplier. The men, Mehtab Alam and Arman, both admitted to the crime.

The man who provides drivers to the phone company said that just one night before the robbery, two of his drivers, Bhola and Pradeep, left their jobs.

Police suspect that Bhola and Pradeep planned the robbery and got Alam and Arman to help them. They allegedly wanted to sell the stolen phones to grey market operators in Karol Bagh.

Not only did the men get caught, but the phones they retrieved from the truck were not the coveted new iPhone 7 models, but were all iPhone 5s', according to Mashable.

The stolen inventory is valued at around $375,000. Though the iPhone 5s is still a popular model, a truck full of the newest iPhones would have been valued over $850,000.

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