Things You Shouldn't Pick Up Or Accept From Strangers At Airports

Here are the craziest and most creative ways that people tried to sneak weapons and other dangerous items onto airplanes, so don't ever trust anyone at an airport pretty much.

We've been told over and over not to take anything from a stranger at an airport. But just in case you missed that memo on not trusting strangers, or if you're in a situation that seems downright harmless, then here are the scary things that will ensure you will never trust a stranger again.

Just a little water bottle, right? You can see through it, right? Wrong. 

Did you push an old guy over and steal his cane? Unlucky for you there was a sword hiding in it! Also, that was karma waiting to happen if you're stealing someone's cane. 

Someone drop a pen? Don't pick it up! It could be a sneaky, James Bond weapon. 

Think you just scored on some free lipstick? You actually just scored yourself several hours in an interrogation room with the TSA. And plus, who accepts used makeup from a stranger? That's weird. 

You can hide a weapon in pretty much everything. So the lesson for today kids? Don't trust strangers at airports. I think this is a pretty easy rule right? Even if it seems harmless, even if it's an old lady, even if it was just laying on the ground, DON'T TRUST ANYTHING. 

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