This 2-Month-Old Has Better Hair Than You

Everyone is falling in love with 2-month-old baby Izzy, who was born with a full head of lush, brown hair, after a picture of her and her mom went viral.

A 2-month-old is getting a lot of attention on the internet, thanks to her full head of hair!

It all started two weeks ago when 28-year-old Mackenzie Kaplan posted a selfie with her daughter. The next day, little Izzy became an internet sensation after Kaplan’s cousin shared the picture on Reddit, adding the caption, “My baby cousin has hair that looks like a news anchorman.”

The reactions ranged from everything to excitement, jealousy, and even laughter.

“I bet that kid loves scotch,” one commenter said.

Another asked, “How does this baby have better hair than me? I thought babies were bald.”

People also compared the infant to Ron Burgundy, Sandy Rivers, Ron Swanson, and even Charles Bronson.

It didn’t take long for some people to start editing the picture, adding some glasses so that Izzy could look like Harry Potter or Wolverine.

How does she look so good, so young? Kaplan says she doesn’t use any product on Izzy’s hair—she simply “let it go.”

She did add, however, that it’s in her genes to look this good: her dad had the exact same hair when he was her age!

“[My mom] even remembers me being three-months-old and already thinking that she might need to cut my hair because it was kind of going into my eyes a little bit,” he told Yahoo! News.

Izz’s parents certainly don’t seem to mind the attention, either.

“We’re just kind of proud that she’s getting all this attention,” Kaplan said.

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