Bride Was Surprised At Wedding By Man Carrying Her Late Son's Heart

In a heartwarming tale, a bride became emotional when she was surprised by the transplant recipient of her son's heart at her own wedding.

On her wedding day, a bride's late son was in attendance, but not in the way you'd expect. 

On July 7, Becky Turney was marrying her fiance, Kelly Turney, when a man named Jacob Kilby showed up as a surprise sixth groomsman, leaving her speechless, People reported.

Kilby, who had traveled 3,000 miles to the wedding in Alaska, was the recipient of the heart of Turney's late son, Triston Green, who died suddenly at 19, BBC reported. Kilby, who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome that had already put him through three heart surgeries, received the heart in October 2015.

Turney was able to listen to Kilby's heart with a stethoscope.

"I lost my mind," Turney said on the Today show. "I squealed like a little girl. I jumped up and down. It was incredible."

I've never ever been surprised like that, like ever," she added.

This was the first time the two had met. Turney had only spoken to Kilby via online messages and one previous phone call. 

But Turney's groom had the secret planned all along.

"I began planning her surprise with Jacob about four to five months earlier," he told BBC. "He is an amazing young man."

At the wedding an empty chair labeled for Green held a plaque reading: "I'm in heaven at your wedding, so what shall I do? I'll come down to Earth to spend it with you. So save me a seat, just one empty chair. You may not see me, but I will be there."

Kilby isn't the only transplant recipient saved by Triston Green's vital organs — there are four others. 

"Everyone has a legacy, but to see how Triston changed Jacob's life is just incredible," Turney said about the power of organ transplants. "...It makes you super proud."

Watch the entire exchange below.

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