This Company Is Sending Its 800 Employees On A Caribbean Cruise

Iowa-based Bertch Cabinets will be taking a week-long Carnival cruise vacation in early January as reward for meeting company goals this past year.

When the recession hit in 2008, Bertch Cabinets had a bit of a tough time.

In 2011, the company — which was founded in the 1970s and once employed more than 1,000 workers  — dipped its employee count to about 600, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports

Now, they're back up by about 240, and the entire company is taking an epic vacation to the Caribbean. 

It's all because the hard workers hit the objectives set by the business.

"We're happy we were able to achieve our goals, and they’re never easy," Co-founder and President Gary Bertch said. "The financial goal was the big one. We hit the other goals. Not by much. But we hit them. We're looking forward to the following year."

Bertch Cabinets posted about the upcoming trip on Facebook:

The post reads, 

"Bertch is excited to announce a company wide vacation! We will be closing all facilities January 9-13 so we can set sails for the sunny Caribbean! This trip wouldn't be possible without the hard work of our incredible Bertch associates! Happy Holidays, everyone!"

The company has offered winter vacations as incentive since the late 1980s.  

“We did several cruises to various locations, various ports," Bertch said. "And we did Hawaii. That was probably our biggest trip."

This one will head to the Caribbean, with a stop in Cozumel. 

"We've got four charter aircraft that will be flying directly to Miami Sunday and staying at a nice five-star hotel," Bertch said. "Then on Monday, we'll bus over from the hotel to the port and load up on the ship."

Sounds like one heck of a trip. And for the rest of the bosses out there: Please, for the sake of your weary employees, take notes. 

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