This Couple Literally Tried To Sell Their Baby On Craigslist

Deanna Lynn Greer, 37, and John David Cain, 26 were arrested for attempting to sell their child for $3,000 on the popular classified ads website.

In today's terrible parenting news, a Tennessee couple attempted to pawn off their baby via Craigslist. Yes, this actually happened. 

Deanna Lynn Greer, 37, and John David Cain, 26, put up an ad for their 5-month-old baby on the website, CBS News reports. The going rate? $3,000.

Authorities came to the rescue when they were alerted by a different couple who had spotted the classified. On March 24, an undercover cop contacted Greer and Cain, met up with the two at a store, bought the baby as part of the ruse, and then arrested them. 

They're being charged with aggravated child neglect or endangerment, as well as aggravated child abuse. The child remains in the custody of the state.

It's a heartbreaking story of completely apathetic and emotionless parenting. We're rooting for the total safety and happiness of the child, who will, hopefully, wind up in better hands soon. 

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