This Photo Of Six Friends On A Couch Is Baffling The Internet

In a photo posted to Reddit by user jr0d7771 on Dec. 24, six girls are hanging out on a couch — and one pair of legs appears to be inexplicably missing.

Oh, Reddit. You always amaze us with your weird and perplexing snapshots that give us a peek into the unknown.

For example, this photo of six girls sitting on a couch somewhere, Mashable reports. At first, you likely won't notice anything out of the ordinary.

Find the middle girls legs?? from pics

Take a closer look, though. Do you see anything missing?

Yep: One of the women's legs — either second from the left or the woman holding the wine glass — are nowhere to be found. The mystery!

The internet, of course, had a field day, and everybody debated where the missing legs were. One user even suggested one of the women was a couch-centaur. Interesting visual.

In the end, user Fallthrough solved the mystery with a photo outlining the location of the legs, which can be found here

"It's actually the girl who is the second from the left whose legs are hard ti [sic] find, because they are hidden behind the girl on the far left's," Reddit user BPwhowantstheD writes, effectively explaining the illusion. "Her pants are the same color, and almost blend. You can see the difference where there is a bit of sock/skin showing above the boot."

This is, no doubt, a total relief. We were definitely having an existential crisis for a hot minute, wondering if the world had erupted in total nonsense, and what it all really means. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, Eje Gustafsson

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