Bad Dad Filming Kids Falling On Ice Is Going Viral

"OK, who's gonna fall here?" Dad asks while videotaping students stumbling on hidden ice patch at school, as he waits to pick up his daughter. "Oh, that hurt."

Ahh, an oldie but a goodie: A video of a dad filming kids slipping on ice has resurfaced, with over 100,000 retweets and favorites on Twitter. Clearly, the internet can't get enough of innocent children falling on ice patches.

In the clip, a dad sits in his car in a parking lot laden with ice, which offers him a front-row view of students slipping.

"Oh, that's terrible," the dad says, although he can't seem to help chuckling ... or videotaping. 

"Oh watch this, watch this," he says as a group of kids approach the patch. "Boom, BOOM!"

Hysterical laughter ensues. We, the audience, laugh right along with him. We're all awful people.

"This is really bad," the passenger — presumably the dad's daughter — remarks, but even she knows how hilarious it is.

The Twitter replies are exactly what you'd expect. 

As The Daily Dot points out, the clip is actually scrapped from a longer 2014 YouTube video titled, "Alan Andersen picking up his kids slipping on ice."

You know what they say: Classics never die.

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