This Dude Paid The Price For Calling His Wife A 'Sandwich-Maker'

After a husband called his wife a "sandwich maker," the appropriately peeved wife exacted her revenge. The internet was here for it.

If there ever was a reason to stop saying sexist things, it's because of the "tasty" meal you might receive for doing so. 

Imgur user volkommenes is regretting something he called his wife recently: a "sandwich maker." Cue a hundred thousand eye rolls. 

The user's wife — who is obviously very clever — trolled him back most epically, Mashable reports. Behold, the sandwich she so carefully prepared for him:

Called my wife a sandwich maker

And by "careful," we mean she left the entire slice of cheese in the plastic wrap and wrote "NOT sorry" with marker.

Well done, whoever you are.

"Absolutely glorious," wrote user TrashPandaAddict beneath the (definitely glorious) photo. "I showed my husband so that he's aware of the new threat."

"Any wife that can come at you with that kind of fire is worth keeping," wrote user Virtual01

And to this we say: Obviously, she is worth keeping. The real question is, is he? 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr user Sebastian Dooris

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