This Elderly Couple Proves Trump And Clinton Supporters Can Get Along

A reporter spoke to an elderly couple, who have been married for 37 years and they are split over who they’re voting.

Apparently love does conquer all — even political differences. 

Despite having been married for 37 years, for this elderly couple, some differences still remain.

The unnamed couple was waiting in line at a polling station in Pennsylvania as a CNN reporter asked them about whom they were voting for.

The wife replied that she was voting for Donald Trump, "because he's the best there is right now," to which her husband gave a perfect response: "Oh jeez."

“We need somebody strong,” the wife reacted. “We need our country to be our country again.”

When the reporter asked if she was excited about electing the first female president, she responded with an emphatic "No!"

The husband, however, said that Clinton was his choice because she “was the best of the two.”

He added that, “I don’t think either one them are capable of running the country correctly without prejudice. I believe that the experience is what counts.”

The reporter asked, “Do you guys actually love each other?"

"Oh yeah!" they both replied, with the wife adding, "What you gonna do?!"

The adorable couple is an example to the country how democracy should work.

While this election has been one of the most divisive elections in recent history, the couple proves that you can disagree on political issues without letting your emotions get the better of you.

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