Teen's Response To Ex Asking For Prom Money Back Is Brilliantly Petty

"My ex of 11 months dumped me a week before prom and he asked for his money back to go to another prom," the high school senior tweeted.

Never dump your girlfriend before prom, and then demand a refund.

That's a lesson one high school student learned the hard way after his former girlfriend returned the money he presumably spent on her prom ticket.

She gave back the cash, alright — only not in the way he likely expected. Check it out: 

Based on these texts, it looks like the poor girl's ex was asking for $95 over the next day. Which is quite a bit for most high schoolers to scrap together in 24 hours or less.

Not to mention, the reason he needed the money, which she detailed in her post caption, is a bit soul-crushing.

Twitter, for its part, rallied behind Maria — BuzzFeed News reports she's a senior from Colorado — applauding her pettiness (which, really, is probably called for).

Petty is as petty does, it seems. According to BuzzFeed, Maria went to several banks to pull this off.

Judging by the amount of positive reaction this post garnered, we think it's safe to assume Maria landed herself a far superior date to prom. 

You go, girl, and have yourself a good time. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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