This Girl Literally Lifted A Burning Car Off Of Her Dad

"I just did what I had to do, so I don't feel like a big hero or anything," 19-year-old Charlotte Heffelmire said of saving her family from a fire.

They say adrenaline increases bodily strength. One teen from Virginia is living proof: Sometime around Thanksgiving, she lifted a burning truck off of her dad, who was stuck beneath it. Yes, you read that right; she physically LIFTED a car. 

Charlotte Heffelmire, 19, rushed to save her dad, Eric Heffelmire, after his GMC truck fell as he was working on it, USA Today reports. Gas spilled, which sparked a fire, and there was an explosion.

"I was on my back, face up, and I was trying to get some corroded brakes lines when apparently the jack slipped and fell down on me," Eric said. "Pinned me across right here on my shoulder. I thought they'd be pulling out a dead body later in the evening."

Thanks to lightning-fast thinking and sheer willpower, Charlotte was able to free her father.

"I lifted [the truck] the first time; he said 'OK, you almost got it,'" Charlotte said. "Finally managed to get it out, it was some crazy strength, pulled him out." How on Earth?!

The story doesn't end here. After lifting the vehicle off of her dad, she drove it out of the garage so the house wouldn't catch fire. Incredibly, the truck itself was still on fire, and only had three wheels. 

After this, Charlotte closed the garage to keep the fire limited, and evacuated her family members inside. 

On Dec. 8, Charlotte was presented with a Citizen Lifesaving Award by the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. 

"I just did what I had to do, so I don't feel like a big hero or anything," she said.

One thing's for sure: She's a big hero in our eyes. 

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, Highway Patrol Images

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