This Hardworking Homeless Teen Will Soon Attend Stanford University

In an inspiring story of hard work and perseverance, Megan Faircloth will attend Stanford University despite having lived out of her mom's car with her family.

Megan Faircloth was an exceptional high school student.

But the 17-year-old Wendell, North Carolina, resident was also hiding a sad secret: she, her mom, and two sisters were without a permanent home or sometimes even food, according to  WTVD-TV.

The tables have turned, however, and she'll be attending Stanford University this fall, studying education and English.

Faircloth and her family lost their rented home unexpectedly in 2015, and shortly thereafter, matters were made worse when her mother needed expensive tumor-removal surgery. She was left unable to work. The family resorted to staying at friends and relatives' houses, in their car, or scrounging up money for a motel room. 

But Faircloth pushed on, doing her homework in the car or public park (even in the rain). At the time of college applications, she didn't have a home address.

"I just tried to keep my spirit up," she told WTVD-TV.

Thankfully, the California university noticed her hard work and reached out to her, suggesting she apply.

"Before then, I hadn't really thought about Stanford that much or the possibility of going to [...] a prestigious school like that, and I really would've been satisfied with going to any college at that point, 'cause I just wanted an education," Faircloth said.

For anyone else going through a difficult time, she said, "You can push your limits and you should always push yourself because you can do things even if you don't think you can."

We wish Faircloth all the best of luck!

Banner/thumbnail credit: Wikimedia Commons, Pere Joan

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