This Inkblot Is Probably Not What You Think It Is

A confusing inkblot image has stumped the Internet as thousands of social media users struggle to figure out what the image is supposed to depict.

One particular inkblot image completely stumped the Internet as it was shared thousands of times by people struggling to figure out what on earth they were looking at.

The picture picked up steam after being posted on Facebook by Savannah Root who claimed she had stared at it for an hour trying to guess what the image was depicting.

People began commenting with their assessments — but were very off-base.

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Some people said they saw a parrot while others saw a bat, a big mosquito, a lobster, a tornado and one person in particular spotted a "weird T. rex dragon with ghostly mist coming out of its belly.”

Several commenters didn’t even try to guess, they simply expressed confusion with “wtf?” and “help.”

Others who were graciously given the real answer were in disbelief, as you likely will be too.

See if you can guess what the drawing depicts below:

If by some stroke of miraculous luck you guessed “man wearing a cowboy hat,” you are correct.

Apparently, the thing that looks like it could be a wing on the right is the side of a cowboy hat and the beak looking part on the bottom is the shadow of his chin.

Still don’t see it?

That’s okay. We don’t either. 

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Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay/geralt

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