This Is How Rich Kids Of Instagram Celebrated New Year

And you thought your celebrations were cool. The Rich Kids Of Instagram party out like it's New Year's Eve every other day, so just imagine what they'll be like when it's the actual New Year's.

Rich Kids Of Instagram

Throwing lavish parties, chugging Cristal bottles like Pepsi, and flaunting latest gadgets is all in a day's work for these walking talking bags of cash. This is why, at midnight on December 31, there was great pressure on these superrich folks to outdo their own routine celebrations.

On a night when everyone was out celebrating, the Rich Kids Of Instagram had to do something otherworldly to separate themselves from others, and they did not disappoint:

A Rich Kid's Champagne Bottle Has To Be This Big

Rich Kid

But What's Pricey Champagne Without A Watch And Some Jewelry?

Pricey Champagne

Of Course These Are Just The Bare Minimum For a Rich Kid's New Year's Celebration

Rich Kid

They Say Spending New Year's Eve On a Costa Rican Beach Is Something Else

Costa Rican Beach

But Caribbean Isn't Bad Either


Yachts Are Even Better


Oysters And Lobsters Served Fresh Out The Ocean

Oysters And Lobsters

This Rich Kid Lights Up Cubans Like They're Camels

Rich Kid

Don't Be Fooled By His Loneliness. He Has Plenty Of Money.

Plenty Of Money

This Rich Kid Uses His Hands As Champagne Bottle Holders

Rich Kid

You Drive a Honda To The Big Party But This Rich Kid Drives a Lamborghini


What To Wear On New Year's Ever Could Be Tricky For Rich Kids

New Year

Rich Kids Decorate Their Stairs On New Year's Eve Like No One Else

Rich Kids

The Gold Phone Case And An Original Hublot Is Something Your Money Can't Buy

Gold Phone Case

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