This Is The New Body-Shaming Trend In China

Chinese women are now wrapping bank notes around their wrists.

China is known for some strange fads, but its latest trending challenge definitely works only for the ultra-skinny.

Known as the “100 yuan wrist" trend, it challenges women to wrap a 100 yuan bank note (equivalent to about $15) around their wrists without any gaps. Those who can, win the challenge.

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The challenge has gone viral on China’s video sharing apps, and some women have tried to take it further by using smaller bank notes, such as the 20 yuan, to demonstrate exactly how tiny their wrists are.

Fads such as these only perpetuate harmful body-shaming ideologies, and it’s incredibly viral nature does not bode well for the way women in China approach such issues. 

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Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @XHNews

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