This Is What Happened When A Little Boy Asked To Hug A Cop

In a GIF that has since gone viral on Imgur, a small child encountered a cop in what appears to be a restaurant. What occurred next may leave you in tears.

Things may be tight between government figures and the American people, but children — young children, especially— are entirely naive to the existing rigidities. And thank goodness for that because sweet GIFs like the one below wouldn't exist without their innocence. 

A little boy somewhere in the United States asked his mom if he could hug the policeman sitting nearby.

The boy's name is T.J., and he's 3 years old, Dallas News reports. The chance meeting happened at a McDonald's in North Fort Worth, Texas. The policeman is Officer Colter, a motorcycle cop.

"The thing that was cute was everyone knew the officer," T.J.'s mom, Jamie Hubbard, said to Dallas News. "My son is obsessed with him."

Colter apparently went outside and came back in with a sticker police badge for T.J.

This little boy asked his mom if he could go hug the police officer

The post is gaining traction on Imgur, and users have a lot to say about it.

"Such a sweet and loving heart he has!!" wrote user hsmith0825j5772.

"Parenting, you are doing it right," commented user RichHansen

"Sweet kid, sweet cops and sweet parents," wrote user ColoradoGaz

The overall consensus? This kid is making the world a better place, one hug at a time. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, Elvert Barnes Photography

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