This Man Just Solved His Own Missing Persons Case After 30 Years

Randomly, after living independently for 30 years, he started having memory flashes. No one could have imagined what would happened when his social worker did a quick Google search.

Thirty years after being reported missing, one man was able to solve his own missing persons case.

According to the Niagara Regional Police, a Canadian man was able to recall his real name after a head injury decades earlier caused him severe memory and identity loss.

Allegedly living under a different name and unable to remember that he had any relatives, the man began randomly recalling memories and soon realized that his real name was Edgar Latulip. He shared his newfound memories with his social worker who — with a quick Google search— found out that he was from Kitchener, Canada.

Constable Phil Gavin, a spokesperson for the Niagara Regional Police Department, explains that he was first reported missing in 1986 after he was last seen getting on a bus destined for Niagara Falls. Latulip reportedly made his way to St. Catharines Ontario where he somehow fell and hit his head.

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The missing person report “described him as developmentally delayed and suffering from mental health issues,” according to Vice News.

He reportedly “suffered a head injury which “robbed him of his memory and identity,” Gavin said.

He remained in St. Catharines Ontario, living independently.

KTLA 5 reports, “Latulip provided the Niagara Police Department with a sample of DNA to be tested against a relative who was living in Waterloo at the time. The DNA sample was then sent to a laboratory which confirmed a match on February 5.”

His mother, who thought Latulip was dead after all these years, reportedly last saw her son when he was recovering in a hospital after he attempted to commit suicide. Despite one reported sighting of Latulip, police believed that Latulip had gone to Niagara Falls to commit suicide and that his body was just never found.

She is overwhelmed with joy and ecstatic to see her son after 30 long years.

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