This Website Literally Compared Nicki Minaj To A Monkey

"We apologize an offensive meme was posted on our Twitter feed," Gay Star News later tweeted. "We didn't look closely at all the images in it."

In today's unfortunate racist news, popular United Kingdome website Gay Star News tweeted a photo in which Nicki Minaj was compared to a monkey, the Independent reports

The tweet has been removed, but it was captured in a screenshot. 

The tweet appears to have been celebrating the internet trend of Throwback Thursday, in which old pictures are posted. 

In this case, Gay Star News tweeted a photo collage of young celebrities, including Adele, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and Lady Gaga.

In very poor taste, the photo of young Nicki Minaj wasn't Minaj herself, but a monkey wearing baby clothes. Ick. 

The photos of young Britney Spears and Madonna are also awkward and off-color, although to a lesser extent. The site appears to be calling Britney Spears robotic while making an ageist joke about Madonna. 

Overall, none of it was funny. 

The publication has since apologized for the tweet, stating staffers "didn't look closely" at the meme. 

The editor-in-chief of the publication also expressed apologies to the Independent:

"This is something we shared and totally failed to look at properly. It is totally vile. The person who made the mistake is mortified as am I. It was up for just a few minutes and then deleted as soon as he saw. We instantly and unreservedly apologised on Twitter and I would like to repeat that we are desperately sorry. This was purely because we didn't spot it. This has never happened before and will not happen again.

We will not only say sorry but will work to make amends. We are strongly anti-racism and this really matters to us."

It seems we all agree that Gay Star News can do better next time.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mario Anzuoni

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