This Photo Of Two Women Kissing At A Protest Proves Love Trumps Hate

In the middle of political madness, two women demonstrated their unfailing love. Photographer Hennessy Vandheur was “happy to have been there to capture it.”

With all the anger, violence, and capricious conduct going on right now, the nation could use a little love. This is an incontestable fact.

These two women kissing at an anti-Trump rally in New York City are the new American heroines. It’s a gorgeous moment caught on camera in the center of commotion.

The caption on the photo, taken by photographer Hennessy Vandheur, reads,

“Walking in the Trump protests last night in Manhattan was absolutely incredible. This was probably my favorite moment from the entire night and I'm happy to have been there to capture it. Love in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. We stand together, against the hate in this country right now — and nothing will put out the fire in our hearts. I stand with our brothers and sisters, POC and LGBTQ, women, immigrants, and everyone else whose lives and well-beings Trump endangers.”

The couple has been identified by BuzzFeed News as Fordham University students Laura Hetherington and Giovanna “Jo” Barba. The kiss was shared near Trump Tower.

They protested together “as a means of catharsis and support on a communal level.”

Hetherington hopes the picture acts as an importance remembrance: “In the midst of hatred, opposition, and oppression our love will persist,” she said.

This is, without doubt, an imperative reminder in a political climate defined by conflict and spite. 

Banner Image Credit: Instagram, @vandheur

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