Single Man's Photo Is The Perfect Response To Couple Holiday Cards

"The holidays are better with you," Twitter user Jake Olmstead captions his crafty Christmas photo, which mocks the classic couple's picture taken around the holidays.


Being single during the holiday season is never easy, what with family prying into your personal life and questioning why you didn't bring a special someone to the Christmas party.

Twitter user and single man John Olmstead has the last laugh, however, with his genius Christmas photo featuring a couple standing together near the tree.

Or maybe it's just Olmstead making great use of his arms and legs. 

Naturally, Twitter ate it up like Santa's leftover cookies.

Olmstead was inspired by a woman he had seen in a similar clever pose, Mashable reports

"I thought it was hilarious, so I wanted to do it, but my arms are too skinny to look like legs," he wrote to Mashable. "So, I had to improvise and shove my feet into those tiny boots. I thought it would be funny to wear the girl shoes just to throw people off."

Olmstead went pretty far in perfecting his craft.

"I actually had to use the self timer on my phone and I had it propped on a laundry basket," he said. "I was home alone so I had to improvise."

Props to Olmstead for making the collective internet giggle. With any luck — and this incredible photo under his belt — he won't be single by Christmas.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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