Twitter Flips Out Over Young Couple Who Could Pass For Siblings

“We did think (the picture) was funny, but it was just like, ‘OK, people are going to say we look alike,’ but that’s it,” Yamily Vazquez, 17, said to BuzzFeed News.

You know what they say: Opposites attract. Well, sometimes. 

Massachusetts-based teens Yamily Vazquez and Edgar Pareves look insanely similar, and they've been dating for more than four months.

People tell them how much they look alike "all the time," according to BuzzFeed News

Just take a look for yourself at the photo below, which Vazquez posted to Twitter:

Yeah — we can see where they're coming from.

Twitter had a whole host of feelings about the picture, which went viral due to the uncanny resemblance the two bear.

The reactions may be a little harsh, but luckily, the couple is laughing it all off. 

"Usually in our day-to-day life, people have gotten used to it," Pareves said about the similitude.

Interestingly, Pareves said he doesn't believe they could pass for brother and sister.

"I don't really think we look that much alike, but there are some similarities," Pareves said, confirming what so many are wondering: That they're not related.

And, really, that's all that matters. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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