Teen Is Graduating From College Before Earning High School Diploma

The 18-year-old will be making a salary of $38,000 annually beginning this fall, when she returns to her high school as a teacher.

Talk about overachieving: Raven Osborne, 18, is graduating from 21st Century Charter High School in Gary, Indiana, on May 22. Additionally, she's graduating from Purdue University Northwest on May 5, CBS News reports

Yes, you read that correctly — Osborne is graduating from college before high school after taking online courses, attending community college year-round, and completing classes at Purdue University Northwest for two years.

Osborne said few people believe her when they learn of her accomplishment.

"Yeah, they think I'm lying," she said.

Students at 21st Century Charter High School are reportedly required to take college courses to graduate. Only a few credits are mandatory, however. Osborne took the requirement and ran with it. 

"Sophomore, that was the most work," she said. "I had five high school classes, four college classes."

The high school is run by a foundation started by Kevin Teasley. He uses state funding to pay for students' tuition and transportation, so Osborne said she paid "absolutely nothing" for her college tuition. 

What Osborne will do next may surprise you: She's returning to her high school; not to learn, however, but to teach. 

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