Airport Gets'Therapy Pig' To Make Your Holiday Travel A Bit Brighter

LiLou is a spotted Juliana pig trained to help people relax. She's currently working with worn-out travelers at San Francisco International.

Catching a flight is, without doubt, a serious hassle — especially during the holidays. There's packing (stressful enough in its own right), checking in, security, snaking lines, delayed flights, and tedious layovers. Not to mention, flying itself induces anxiety for many — even the most frequent of flyers.

LiLou the airport pig is working hard, however, to ease the stress brought on by travel at San Francisco International (SFO).

A spotted Juliana pig, LiLou is the very first pig certified in the Animal Assistant Therapy Program of the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, USA Today reports. She's nearly 2 years old, and she joined SFO's Wag Brigade on Dec. 5. 

She's so cool, she even has her own Instagram account.

LiLou has no shortage of tricks up her sleeve: She can twirl, stand on her hind legs, play a small piano (complete with a bow), and say hello to travelers with her snout or by waving. 

She's also very stylish, donning a variety of outfits depending on the occasion, in the way of a true fashionista. 

If you happen to be traveling to or from SFO, don't forget to stop and say hi to LiLou. She'll surely greet you back.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @flySFO

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