This Woman Deserves a Medal For Her Amazon Prime Costume

Caron Arnold used an Optimus Prime building guide to devise the most epic Amazon Prime costume in history. Her getup is something to revere and fear.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, you generally pick from one of three categories: scary, sexy, or just plain clever. Caron Arnold, a creative director at a marketing agency, chose the final option … and it paid off most epically, HuffPost reports.

Arnold, who decided to dress up as Amazon Prime (so original!), looked like a Transformer embodiment of the tech and shopping app’s popular membership. In fact, this Optimus Prime building guide helped her construct the costume.

She has no affiliation to the company, but she is a customer, and it’s safe to assume she’s also a Prime member.

To no one’s surprise, Arnold won her office’s Halloween costumes contest. She had a bit of competition, though there’s no questioning Arnold’s status as victor.


Overall, the costume took a whopping ten hours to make.

“My kids helped and they were trying it on every chance they could,” Arnold said. “Looks like I’ll be making a few more cardboard masks for them.”

This woman’s dedication to the craft of Halloween — and Amazon itself — is admirable, to say the least. Now, does she get free Prime membership for a lifetime, or what? Someone call the head folks over at Amazon.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Pixabay, ToniEtyang

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