Three People Are Suing Chipotle Over a Burrito That Made Them Too Full

A few Los Angeles-based residents are upset over a burrito that was inaccurately marketed as containing 300 calories, so they're filing a class-action lawsuit.

Chipotle burito

Have you ever felt too full after eating a burrito? Yeah? Us, too. It's a pretty common sensation after consuming a heavy Mexican meal at a fast-food chain. 

Three Los Angeles customers are apparently unused to this phenomenon and are suing a Chipotle after eating a burrito that made them feel "excessively full," Slate reports. Yes, this is entirely legitimate. 

In all fairness, the chorizo burrito in question was falsely advertised as containing 300 calories. As Slate points out, the chorizo by itself is 300 calories. The burrito's remaining ingredients, consisting of cheese, white rice, a tortilla, salsa, and black beans contribute to a calorie count of about 1,000, which is more than three times as much than what it was touted as at the location. 

One of the defendants bought the chorizo burrito because of the sign, realizing, upon consumption, there's simply no way the burrito was only 300 calories. 

The chorizo has been a menu option at Chipotle since October, but the plaintiffs seek to defend "all people who bought food at Chipotle for four years leading up to the filing of the complaint." In and of itself, the lawsuit is rather silly. This defense, however, is just plain absurd. 

While restaurants should be held accountable for their advertising, it's probably best not to order food based solely on caloric intake, anyway — not the healthiest diet pattern in the book. 

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