Man Learns The Hard Way Not To Play Around With A Hungry Tiger

A man can be heard laughing in the background as he films the moment a tiger grabs his friend’s foot and tries to drag him away.

Here’s some advice: If you like cuddling tigers, please don’t do it without the help of professional handlers or it could get very ugly.

A Saudi man was injured after he purportedly attempted to force his friend’s pet tiger to play with the predator — inside its cage.

The disturbing incident was caught on film and the video was later uploaded to YouTube. It starts off with showing the tiger chasing after two men.

One friend runs away but the other is pinned to the protective fence of the cage while a third man filming the entire incident can be heard in the background laughing hysterically.

However, the tiger soon grabs the right foot of the man in the cage and tries to drag him, severely injuring his leg.

Shortly, someone comes to the man’s aid and tries to free him from the tiger’s powerful jaws with a stick.

Owning exotic pets is fairly common in oil-rich Persian Gulf countries. There have been several incidents reported and captured on camera in which teenagers, especially young men, handled dangerous animals without proper supervision and got hurt.

Despite the practice being illegal in some places, for instance, in the United Arab Emirates, which happens to be a signatory of the Convention on the Illegal Trade of Endangered Species, the trend is very much active via black market trading and the demand, it recently came to light, is mostly driven by kids and teenagers.

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