Furious Tiger Breaks Free From The Circus Cage, Horrifying The Crowd

The trainers apparently made the tiger angry, causing it to break free from its steel cage, horrifying the circus crowd.

A tiger was performing at a Chinese traveling circus act in Linfen, Shanxi Province, when suddenly it broke out of its cage and attacked the unsuspecting crowd.

Footage of the shocking incident shows people running away from the huge animal as it leapt towards them.

The tiger is seeing attacking one person from the back in the video. 

Two children were reportedly injured and rushed to a nearby hospital. They suffered minor injuries.

Thankfully, the circus workers were able to lure the tiger back in its cage.

According to CGTN, the cage had not been secured when the attack occurred.

An unnamed cop told Chinese media website Thepaper.cn that no one called the police for help, adding an investigation by the township government into the incident is under way.

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters

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